Utah Tech University

University Council

Display image of Courtney White

Courtney White

Interim University President

Email: president@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7502
Office: South Admin

Display image of Michael Lacourse

Michael Lacourse

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Email: michael.lacourse@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7505
Office: North Admin 131

Display image of Paul Morris

Paul Morris

Vice President of Administrative Affairs

Email: paul.morris@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7504
Office: South Admin

Display image of Del Beatty

Del Beatty

Vice President of Student Affairs

Email: del.beatty@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7514
Office: Gardner 202

Display image of Ken Beazer

Ken Beazer

Executive Director of Athletics

Email: ken.beazer@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7526
Office: Burns North 207

Display image of Becky Broadbent

Becky Broadbent

General Counsel

Email: Becky.Broadbent@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4242
Office: Holland 581

Display image of Brad Last

Brad Last

Vice President of Advancement

Email: brad.last@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7858
Office: Burns North 189

Display image of Jordon Sharp

Jordon Sharp

Vice President of Marketing and Communication

Email: jordon.sharp@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7544
Office: University Plaza C 200F

Display image of Tasha Toy

Tasha Toy

Assistant Vice President & Senior Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Email: Tasha.Toy@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7735
Office: South Admin

Display image of Henrie Walton

Henrie Walton

Assistant to the President for Government & Community Relations

Email: henrie.walton@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7511
Office: South Admin

Display image of Shadman Bashir

Shadman Bashir

Executive Director of International Programs

Email: Shadman.Bashir@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4545
Office: SAC 106

Display image of Eliezer Bermudez

Eliezer Bermudez

Dean of the College of Health Sciences

Email: eli.bermudez@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4817
Office: Taylor 308

Display image of John Bowler

John Bowler

Director of Alumni Relations

Email: john.bowler@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7913
Office: Alumni House

Display image of Andrea Bringhurst

Andrea Bringhurst

Director of Institutional Data Governance

Email: Andrea.Bringhurst@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7595
Office: Holland 578

Display image of Cheryle Caplinger

Cheryle Caplinger

Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships/Innovation District Project Manager

Email: Cheryle.Caplinger@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-4738
Office: North Admin 127

Display image of Dottie Catlin

Dottie Catlin

Executive Director of Career Services

Email: dottie.catlin@utahtech.edu
Office: Holland 523

Display image of Julie Chew

Julie Chew

Faculty Senate President

Email: Julie.Chew@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4851
Office: Taylor 363

Display image of Jennifer Ciaccio

Jennifer Ciaccio

Faculty Senate President-Elect

Email: Jennifer.Ciaccio@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7779
Office: SET 519

Display image of Matt Devore

Matt Devore

Staff Association President-Elect

Email: Matt.Devore@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4652
Office: Browning 113

Display image of Darlene Dilley

Darlene Dilley

Associate Provost for Enrollment Management

Email: Darlene.Dilley@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7704
Office: Holland 177

Display image of Bryant Flake

Bryant Flake

Executive Director of Planning and Budget

Email: bryant.flake@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4602
Office: Holland 574

Display image of Garyn Gulbranson

Garyn Gulbranson

Executive Director of Booth Wellness Center

Email: Garyn.Gulbranson@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4655
Office: BWC 103

Display image of Chris Guymon

Chris Guymon

Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Operations

Email: Chris.Guymon@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4859
Office: North Admin 124

Display image of Jyl Hall

Jyl Hall

Director of Public Relations & Marketing

Email: jyl.hall@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7547
Office: University Plaza C 200C

Display image of Bruce Harris

Bruce Harris

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Email: bruce.harris@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4638
Office: AIP 186

Display image of Nancy Hauck

Nancy Hauck

Associate Provost for Community Engagement

Email: nancy.hauck@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7844
Office: North Plaza 142

Display image of Christian Hildebrandt

Christian Hildebrandt

Assistant Vice President of Campus Life and Wellness

Email: Christian.Hildebrandt@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7988
Office: Gardner 202

Display image of Jeffery W. Jarvis

Jeffery W. Jarvis

Dean of the College of the Arts

Email: jeffery.jarvis@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7792
Office: Eccles 109

Display image of Scott Jensen

Scott Jensen

Assistant Vice President of Business and Auxiliary Services

Email: scott.jensen@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4603
Office: Holland 561

Display image of Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee

Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Email: Stephen.Lee@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7651
Office: Holland 578

Display image of Tamron Lee

Tamron Lee

Director of Testing Services and Assistant Dean of Students

Email: Tamron.Lee@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4692
Office: North Plaza 165/Gardner

Display image of Marc Lundstrom

Marc Lundstrom

Executive Director of Utah Tech Online

Email: Marc.Lundstrom@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4669
Office: Tech 113 B

Display image of Matt Nickodemus

Matt Nickodemus

Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Email: Matt.Nickodemus@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7542
Office: Holland 576

Display image of Eric D. Pedersen

Eric D. Pedersen

Dean of College of Science, Engineering & Technology

Email: eric.pedersen@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7977
Office: SET 505

Display image of Kelly Peterson-Fairchild

Kelly Peterson-Fairchild

Dean for the Library and Open Learning Services

Email: Kelly.Peterson-Fairchild@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7711
Office: Holland 356

Display image of Westley Petty

Westley Petty

Executive Director of Event Services

Email: Westley.Petty@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7900
Office: Cox 211

Display image of Michael Pinegar

Michael Pinegar

Executive Director of Internal Audit

Email: Michael.Pinegar@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7619
Office: Holland 575

Display image of J.D. Robertson

J.D. Robertson

Executive Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Email: jd.robertson@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7576
Office: Holland 196

Display image of Travis Rosenberg

Travis Rosenberg

Executive Director of Human Resources

Email: travis.rosenberg@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7521
Office: Burns North 146

Display image of Sherry Ruesch

Sherry Ruesch

Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management

Email: sherry.ruesch@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7562
Office: Facilities Management 108

Display image of Brenda Sabey

Brenda Sabey

Dean of the College of Education

Email: brenda.sabey@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7841
Office: COE 105

Display image of Hazel Sainsbury

Hazel Sainsbury

Director of Equity Compliance / Title IX Coordinator

Email: Hazel.Sainsbury@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7747
Office: Holland 579

Display image of Stacy Schmidt

Stacy Schmidt

Staff Association President

Email: Stacy.Schmidt@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4412
Office: University Plaza C 200B

Display image of Helen Tate

Helen Tate

Associate Provost for Academic Success/Dean of University College

Email: helen.tate@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7510
Office: Holland 175

Display image of Ali Threet

Ali Threet

Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students

Email: ali.threet@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7514
Office: Gardner 202

Display image of Jose Toral-Martinez

Jose Toral-Martinez

UTSA President

Email: utsapresident@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4308
Office: Gardner Center, 2nd Floor

Display image of Mark Walton

Mark Walton

Chief Information Officer

Email: Mark.Walton@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-652-7770
Office: Holland 591

Display image of Linda Yu

Linda Yu

Dean of the College of Business

Email: Linda.Yu@utahtech.edu
Phone: 435-879-4919
Office: Hazy 362